Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trip to Thailand ! Shopping Rampageee !!

Went to Thailand on the 20th of March !
Crazy shopping experience !
Plus, the people there are like freaking friendly !

Woke up at 5.30 a.m.
Just to go to Thailand !
Drove there u know.
Freaking long drive.
Neck pain , slept in the car for 7 hours ! WTF?
Once reach Thailand straight go hotel den put our bags and started shopping !
The shopping ended at like 6 something..
Den went makan makan..
Shopping pictures got one... And so does the food !
After that went drinking at a pub..
Went in only, my father's like a celebrity !
Those girls dressed as cowgirls..
Friendly and hot ladies !
My dad's like a celebrity !
After that, went snooker with my DAD !!!
First time in shit hole wei !
But still won .. the scores are 3 - 0 !

Now.. time for pictures Baybeh !!!

Blue Magarita !

Deep fried giant prawns !

My sistah with her stupid face and my mom ! XD

My brother ! *Bboy Nicky*

Me and my sistah ! Stoned face. xD

Brother-Sister Hood ! Cheers !

3 very very EMO people. Middle one smiling. EPIC FAIL !
3 monkeys ! Me, my brother, my DAD !

My sister and my mother !

Peace ! xD

Sister's u know what *ehem**ehem*

Ladies at the bad ! Friendly people and HOT ! With my sister !

2 hot chicks with my brother !

This lady here is a very sweet and friendly person !

Charlie's Angel without 1 more !

Too many pictures de.
Want more?
Go my FACEBOOK profile and see.
One and only Noel Chia !

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6th Day Back From NS. 17.02.2010

Went to TimesSquare as usual..
Played snooker and Daytona.
As usual...
After that went to dinner at Imbi Palace again..
As usual...
Ate with relatives from Penang.
It took them like 6 hours to get to KL from Penang.
Damn jammm... (@.@)

While eating.
Cam-whored with the "BrotherSister-Hood" !!!
No pictures yet....
Coz.. Tomorrow gonna go back to PLKN Rawang. t(=.=t)
After that went to Maison with CK.
Didnt know I would meet with other friends but yea...
Met with Jaycee Loh and Jovy Loh !
Met them for the first time !
Very friendly sisters ! Awesome !
Danced ! Drank ! Partied like a ROCKSTAR !
Jordan got so drunk he keep vomit...

Slept at 6. Woke at 10th the next day.

To Be Continued....

Gabrield if ur reading this..
Dont EMO always when we clubbing lar or when we enjoying !
Promise ?!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

5th Day Back From NS. 16.02.2010

Wake up early in the morning, go eat breakfast with parents.
My brother drove us there.
Dammit I wanna drive !
After that went home, change clothes, and head off to TimesSquare.
Went Daytona-ing and Snooker !
Met with my NS friends.
Couldn't really hang out with them lar.
Becuase I went home early for dinner.
Managed to take some pictures of them !


Camera-Shy ! Hahaaa !

Finally Caught Ya !

Gam posing !

I forgotten his name, Zaim A.K.A BumBum , Gam , Ah Long !

Sorry I forgotten your name ! LOL !

4th Day Back From NS ! 15.02.2010

Woke up alittle late coz of last night's drinking.
Got visitors very early !
Its the TWINS !
Damn, they're FUN !

Went to grandma's house for family re-union !
People keep talk bout PLKN (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara).
I keep say the same thing.
Went to TS immediatly after finish eating and all with my sis and my brother.

Fighting Stance ! xD

Ruben and Matthyas ! LOL ! Dunno spell name !

Twins FTW !

Ruben here !

After that, went to TS with the BrotherSister-Hood !
Went snooker !
Damn girl, we suck !
Went Daytona again !
Played with Eve !
And DaoGei ! xD
Awesome !
After that went straight home !
Took some pictures BTW.
See it ! xD

POser !

Noel back from PLKN !

Asian Boy Look !

Crouching !
**Peace Out !**

Monday, February 15, 2010

3rd Day Back From NS. 14.02.2010

Bored as hell at home !
Didnt know we could go out.
Thought got some event. t (=.=t)
At night, got visitors !
My father's friends...

Took some pictures of the kids.
Only took the cutest kid there.
LOL ! Not being unfair but its the truth !
She's very cute !
See it to believe it !
Got video one actually but very lazy to upload it
. :D

Everyone ! This is Janet !

This is her camera-shy !

Smileeee !

She likes people to carry her !

Sad face ! LMAO ! Couldn't get the bear ! xD

Back From NS Day 2. 13.02.2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like going to TimesSquare.

Went there at 2.
WOW ! So many people !

Went there, the first thing we did was Daytona !
Met with JJ !
Didnt know he was 20 years old !
Met with my brother's Daytona apprentice / "Thou Dai".

Raced with them !
Damn they're awesome !

Hmm... walked around with NS buddies.
Den went to Imbi Palace for family dinner.
My brother drank wine like he never tasted it before !


Just like drinking water. Super drinker !
Let the pictures do the talking for now

Noel after dinner !

My Sista & Me ! BrotherSister-Hood !

Sister Wants My Beanie !

Sister And Her Fiancee !

After that, went to Timessquare to chill awhile inside the car.
Went to drink at some place near Pandan Indah.
Very near to Black & White Cafe
That night, somebody wants to get hurt real BAD !
Ahboogeh !
Den my brother drove us home, Awesome ?
Will update very soon !
Peace Out ! ***